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Evolve Community Space offers a variety of mind/body, yoga and fitness classes for all ages! Our offerings include:

Power Yoga Flow w/Cheri

A 1-hour fusion of Vinyasa flow with dynamic strength training movements. This class will focus on the full body by isolating muscles with strong yoga poses, working up a sweat with heat-building sequencing, followed by lovely stretches and a nourishing cool down. This class will cultivate strength, stability, and active mobility within the body. Perfect for all levels!

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Caregiver & Preschooler Yoga with Erin Frey

A 1-hour Yoga and Mindfulness practices are a special way to connect with your preschooler, and these classes are designed to make the experience fun, engaging, and interesting for your child. Each week we will focus on a different theme while exploring playful movement, sensory-based mindfulness activities, music, stories, creative expression, and games. Appropriate for children aged 2.5-5 years old with a caregiver. *Special pricing for more than one child.

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Evening Vinyasa Flow w/Cheri

A 1-hour Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic practice where we connect movement and breath by sequencing together postures (asanas) in a creative way meant to teach correct alignment while building heat to promote strength and flexibility. This is a fun and challenging class that is designed for all levels.

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Slow Flow Yoga with Erin Frey

This 1-hour class invites you to slow down and experience that Slow is a Luxury.  Slow, Mindful Yoga trains your nervous system to build resilience, adapt to stressors, develop greater patience, and improve overall health and wellbeing.  Tuning in, listening, feeling, and noticing are all part of Slow Flow. When we allow ourselves to slow down and be mindful, we begin to hear the voice of our bodies speak. Our body’s intelligence has much to offer- join Erin in exploring, with curiosity and kindness, how to cultivate a more resilient nervous system with this self-care practice.  *Appropriate for all levels

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“BeMOVED” w/Jennifer VR

A 45 minute class, you can think of “BeMOVED” as a dance party with a purpose. What’s the purpose? To unwind and experience harmony where we integrate the fragmented parts of our distracted selves while having some fun along the way. BeMOVED provides a space to move with freedom and expression where insight, curiosity, and authenticity lead you into a greater sense of connection to yourself and others. ” “Welcome your body to this adventure we call life with a mindful workout for your body and mind.”

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Mindfulness Meditation w/Jennifer VR

This 45 minute class offers a training-based approach to mindfulness and meditation. We will learn and practice the science-backed skills that help us cultivate resilience and well-being with the goal of making it a repeated practice in our daily lives, on and off the cushion. Come as you are. Please bring a yoga mat and/or meditation pillow.

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Foundations of Yoga Alignment with w/Julie

This 1-hour class will align your mind and body through breath and movement that only Yoga can provide! Integrate subtle movement with an approach to feel your best within your body and mind. With Julie’s expertise as a physical therapist and yoga teacher, you will learn proper alignment to move safely and efficiently in your body and gain confidence while settling your nervous system. Perfect for the beginner, injury recovery/prevention, deeper understanding of yoga for your body, and overall well-being.

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Sunrise Yoga w/Nikki

All levels 1-hour Vinyasa Flow. Welcoming the morning with deep stretching and movement of the body. Flowing with breath to open the mind and heart, a grounding combination to awaken the spirit to the day.

Thurdays at 7am   Sign Up Now

Vinyasa Flow w/Nikki Level 1-2

A 1-hour flow of postures is used to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body while connecting with the breath. Relax the mind, open your heart and flow!

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Tone and Torch! w/Kristin

A 1-hour class. Our bodies respond best to various forms of movement and exercise, and this class will be a great addition to your routine! Build strength, tone lean muscle, and torch calories while using a combination of weighted exercises and high-intensity cardio intervals. Light to moderate dumbbells (5-10lbs) and an exercise mat are needed, and don’t forget a water bottle and towel 😉 Every class will end with core and a yoga cool down to round out your workout.

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Saturday Morning Flow w/Allison

A vigorous and fun 1-hour flow that is accessible to all levels. Kick-off your weekend by building heat and energizing the body leaving you feeling strong and grounded in the body and mind.

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Guided Meditation w/Analisa

During this 75-minute meditation class we will work with specific Archangels & mudras to clear our Chakras, raise our vibration & support our spiritual wellness, as we deepen our connection to our highest self. Using a custom-blended Archangel Aromatherapy oil infused with crystal energies will help us have a more powerful connection with the Archangels. Each class includes your own Archangel Aromatherapy oil for you to take with you so you can continue your meditation practice at home.

One Sunday per Month at 3pm, View calendar for specific dates.   Sign Up Now

Yoga Bliss w/Analisa

In the world we live don’t we all just need a little more time to just chill… to find balance & peace of mind as we go within, listening to our inner voice while getting a nice yoga flow as we move the body. During this 60-minute class, we will begin with a centering intention setting, moving into a Hatha Yoga flow, finishing with a little longer Savasana. We will end our practice with a beautiful guided Mudra meditation as we reconnect to the intention we set at the beginning of the class.

One Sunday per Month at 3pm, View calendar for specific dates.   Sign Up Now

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Evolve offers classes for beginners through experienced at many convenient times with great teachers. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to start there’s never been a better time than now.